Training – SharePoint

The Challenge

Office 365 and all the surrounding applications are vast. Many organizations are using just a small subset of the available tools. In many cases these tools are already included with a monthly subscription. 

Which features exist that would improve internal processes?

Office 365 changes and updates constantly. How to keep up?

How to maximize return on investment?

The Solution

SharePoint 411 is dedicated to helping organizations utilize and maximize their Office 365 subscription.

Our training will keep you current with the latest features and updates

 Interactive and group paced

Our suggested modules are below. Select the training path, modules or content most beneficial to your organization!

Training Packages

Introduction to SharePoint (for Power Users) Modules

These sessions are designed to cover all the practical needs for users interacting with SharePoint daily. Topics are grouped and followed with common exercises users typically encounter.

Quick Introduction to Office 365 and Tour      (15 min)


Browser types

Menu Icons / Navigation items

Portal products overview available (per license, switch settings)

Office Products: Online vs Desktop

One Drive Sync

SharePoint Level 1 A       (60 min)

SharePoint icon, favorites / follow, landing page


Site Contents

Lists and Libraries overview, Settings

Metadata – what is it / why is it important

Search overview

File explorer view

Modern vs Classic

Exercise: SharePoint Follow site, Open in Explorer

SharePoint Level 1 B        (90 min)

List / Library Settings overview


Creating and Changing Views

Creating columns / column types


Recycle Bin


Exercise: Create Columns and Views

SharePoint Level 1 C      (90 min)

File Sync / One Drive differences / limitations / dangers

SharePoint site structure

Sub site creation

Creating Lists and Libraries

List and Library Security

Exercise: Create a library, adjust security

SharePoint Level 1 D         (90 min)

Site Pages Modern and Classic

Editing a classic page / web parts

Editing a modern page / web parts

Adjusting navigation elements

Exercise: Create a site page, modify, adjust navigation

SharePoint Administration Module

These sessions are designed to cover more advanced SharePoint features and administration. The content of this session is focused towards administrators and SharePoint support roles. Topics are grouped and followed with common exercises users typically encounter.

SharePoint Level 2 A       (90 min)

Site Collections

Sub sites vs Site Collections

Content Types

Site Columns vs List Columns

Site Permissions

Exercise: Create a library using a defined content type

SharePoint Level 2 B        (90 min)

Power Shell administration

Using PowerShell ISE

Installing PNP

Provision Hub site via PowerShell

Exercise: PowerShell ISE setup with PNP Templates

SharePoint Level 2 C       (90 min)

Team / Communication sites

• Team classic, team modern and Team project

Hub sites

Common Intranet site design best practices

SharePoint Provisioning Service and Templates *NEW

Exersise: Provision a team site Provision a communication site Join to Hub Site

SharePoint Level 2 D          (90 min)

SharePoint Administration

External Users

• How to invite; How to allow; Precautions

SharePoint Migration Tool

Site Settings Discussion

– Search; Galleries

– Site Features, Branding, Advanced Features

Term Store Management / Taxonomy

Exercise: Enable external users on Site Collection; Grant Term Store Permissions