Training – Power Platform

The Challenge

Office 365 and all the surrounding applications are vast. Many organizations are using just a small subset of the available tools. In many cases these tools are already included with a monthly subscription. 

Which features exist that would improve internal processes?

Office 365 changes and updates constantly. How to keep up?

How to maximize return on investment?

The Solution

SharePoint 411 is dedicated to helping organizations utilize and maximize their Office 365 subscription.

Our training will keep you current with the latest features and updates

 Interactive and group paced

Our suggested modules are below. Select the training path, modules or content most beneficial to your organization!

Training Packages

Microsoft Power Platform

Power Platform combines the robust power of Power Apps, Power BI, and Power Automate into one powerful business application platform.

*NEW: Power Virtual Agents

Power Platform A POWER BI        (90 min+)

Advanced Power BI

Versions and requirements – Free, Pro, Enterprise

Data gathering and manipulation

Report Building, Publishing


Embedding into SharePoint, Power Apps

Connecting to local data sources: Data Gateway

Streaming data service / IoT / Flow

Data connected / Embedded Power App *NEW

Exercise: Data collection, report building, dashboard and publishing 

Power Platform    B     POWER APPS       (90 min+)

Types: Canvas vs Model Driven; Device considerations



Data Connections / Premium services / Common Data Service

Printing / Image Capture SharePoint Storage


Flow Integration

Components *NEW

AI Services / Object Detection / CDS *NEW

Tips and tricks: Creating Tab Views

Sharing and Security; Import and Packages

Reporting, File Display, PDF Viewer, Power BI viewer

Exercise: Create an advanced Power Apps using techniques above

PowerApps Devices

Power Platform   C     Power Automate *NEW formerly MICROSOFT FLOW     (90 min+)

What is Flow? What can it do?

Flow Designer Basics


Data Connections / Premium services / Delegation Accounts

Steps, Conditions, Variables, Branching

AI Builder *NEW

Flow Checker and Testing

Run history, Ownership, Sharing

Exercise: Create a Flow triggered by SharePoint list item sending email

Power Automate

Power Platform   D    Power Virtual Agents  *NEW    COMING SOON