Training – Office 365

The Challenge

Office 365 and all the surrounding applications are vast. Many organizations are using just a small subset of the available tools. In many cases these tools are already included with a monthly subscription. 

Which features exist that would improve internal processes?

Office 365 changes and updates constantly. How to keep up?

How to maximize return on investment?

The Solution

SharePoint 411 is dedicated to helping organizations utilize and maximize their Office 365 subscription.

Our training will keep you current with the latest features and updates

 Interactive and group paced

Our suggested modules are below. Select the training path, modules or content most beneficial to your organization!

Training Packages

Office 365 Modules

These sessions are designed to introduce participants with multiple Office 365 integrated features. Understanding and utilizing Office 365 features along with SharePoint provide an exceptional and productive user experience.

Office 365 A OneDrive, SharePoint & Teams (90 min)

SharePoint, One Drive and Teams (Which one to use and when)

OneDrive setup, sync and feature deep dive

Teams– replacement for Skype

• Team Security Management

• Chat

• Teams management

• Teams features / Tabs

• Team Channels

• Files / SharePoint

• Mobile Apps

Exercise: OneDrive Sync Setup, SharePoint Sync, Quick Access, Teams Features

Office 365 B Office (90 min)

Office 365 Features Office Product deeper dive (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

• On-Line vs Desktop

• AutoSave

• Co-Authoring

• Flow Integration

• Tips 

One Note (2016 and On-Line)

Discover the power of OneNote

Screen Capture Audio / Video Capture

Notebook files, sharing and syncing


• Creating video files

• Ideas

Exercise: Create a ‘How-To’ Video in Power Point.

Office 365 C Microsoft Forms (90 min)

Microsoft Forms

– Discover how to create data entry forms

– Share and Embed

Forms web part in SharePoint

Microsoft Flow data capture

Exercise: Capture Form data to store in SharePoint list

Office 365 D Intro Package (90 min)

Introduction to Delve

Introduction to Planner

Introduction to Power BI

Introduction to Power Apps

– SharePoint, Mobile, Tablet forms

Exercise: Create a list connected Power App. Capture data in SharePoint, Power BI

Office 365 E Microsoft Stream (30 min)

Stream Introduction


Uploading video files to stream


Live Event Streaming / Broadcast

Embedding stream into SharePoint, Teams

Exercise: Upload an MP4 file to Stream. Host the video in SharePoint