Email Migration

Before creating user accounts in Office 365 or Dynamics is started existing directory, domain, system or On-Premise user accounts should be considered. These accounts most likely have unique identifiers and email accounts.

Careful planning is necessary to ensure users have their data and emails follow them to the cloud. Without planning it is easy to end up with 2 individual user accounts with the same name.

When your organization has just a few users a simple solution might just be a simple mail import file. 

Scenarios vary of course: simple hosted mail, Exchange Servers, User counts, various mail security tools, Hybrid, Active Directory, etc

Depending on the situation the migration options vary of course. Mail migration tools like SkyKick reduce complexity and data loss. 

SharePoint Migration

Migration services are required when you have existing data, services and processes that need to be replicated in the cloud.

Nearly all situations are unique. In some cases the process is very simple and quick. You may just have simple file share data that needs to be organized efficiently in SharePoint. Larger organizations usually have SharePoint or other CMS systems that require extensive planning, 3rd Party tools, custom development and user testing.

SharePoint 411 will help you move and adjust to the cloud. We have extensive experience with hundreds of clients adopting the cloud environment.


Still around is SharePoint on premise server farms. We have extensive experience upgrading and migrating SharePoint servers.

We also have experience with migration of Lotus Notes systems into Office 365. Lotus Notes suffers from the lack of a clear migration tool. Our process involves a variety of processes including Power Shell Scripting for moving your data records into SharePoint or database systems. We use Power Apps for a nice updated clean interface replacing the traditional Lotus Note screens. Workflows using Microsoft flow will help with scheduled tasks and automating processes. SharePoint is capable of holding any necessary documents or list data. Power BI is the perfect reporting strategy to place on top!