The Internet of Things


The Internet of Things is a connected world of devices capable of measurements, responses and data capture.

Connected is a relative term in this scenario since the devices may or may not be continually connected to the internet. Devices may be wired or wireless.

A weather station is a simple example. Data is captured from a thermometer which sends the temperature data to a server or cloud storage. This data is analyized and reports are generated.

A greenhouse provides a perfect example of IoT. Constant measurements for moisture, temperature, light and soil PH are collected using sensors connected to micro-controller boards and a Raspberry Pi. Using computer languages like NodeJS the data captured is sent to Microsoft Azure Event Hub. Data now stored in the cloud can easily trigger responses in more micro-controller boards or actuators. These actuators could be fans, misters, heaters or light circuits. Of course data reporting and monitoring is central to the process. Power BI provides excellent opportunities for dashboards or video screens.

Extending on this idea SharePoint 411 believes we can also merge in existing data or captured data using Power Apps or similar. Microsoft has a full range of capabilites ranging from Office Business Premium with SharePoint, Flow, Power Apps, Power BI, Dynamics 365, Azure, Visual Studio and SQL.


Keep in mind Dynamics 365 Field Service is the perfect product for field techicians to capture IoT data!

The scenarios are endless. The technology is improving. The range of this is everything from Personal Fitness, Healthcare to Industrial and Retail.

Farming is an area Microsoft is actively researching with a team called ‘FarmBeats’. The challenges here include powering the sensor devices in the middle of a field or even country then sending the captured data to the cloud.

If you have an idea or wish to discuss the IoT possibilities please contact SharePoint 411.