Employee Directory

Employee Directory

SharePoint 411 has recently launched a Power App version of an Employee Directory!

Power Apps: Mobile friendly on any device!

For organizations with multiple facilities and many faces this app provides a listing of employees and facilities. Office 365 Delve contains many features but it lacks in the ability to provide a full directory.

This simple to use app has many features and as necessary we can tailor for any organization scenario.

Search and Filter 

Employee Directory
Employee Card

Image pulled from Delve profile or if necessary alternate source like SharePoint

Any data available in Delve can be surfaced in the app. Additional data such as ‘Date of Hire’ may be stored in a SharePoint list

Organization charts are available provided data is populated in Azure AD

Facility, Office, Location, Store, Warehouse items stored in a SharePoint list

Multiple filter and search parameters possible. Customized for your experience.

Facility images available from SharePoint list

Facility Directory
Facility Card

Detailed description of the location. Any properties or information displayed may be held in a SharePoint list for reference.

GEO location and mapping

Listing of all employees linked to this facility. Each employee name is a link back to the employee data card.

Power Apps are deployed as packages to your tenant. This app also requires a script to complete necessary SharePoint setup. 

Contact SharePoint 411 for more information!

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