Weather web part x3

Weather Web Part

Microsoft has released an out of the box Weather Web Part!

For years SharePoint pages have been missing this handy little feature. We have seen so many 3rd party renditions and hacks it is finally nice to see a very simple out of the box solution.

Edit any modern site page and look in your web part list…
All the way to the bottom of the tool box you should find the web part.

I don’t see it ?????

In order to enhance the SharePoint page authoring experience, we are introducing a new “Weather” web part and updating the existing “Image” web part. These features will begin rolling out soon to Targeted Release customers in June and the update will be available worldwide by the end of July.

Now of course you don’t want to wait until July – If you would always like the newest features first set your tenant to first release…er sorry…. ‘Targeted Released’  (Do that in your Office 365 administration settings). Keep in mind if you flip that switch it may take several days before your tenant receives the latest updates.

The web part is pretty simple. Enter in a location. That’s about it. You can switch Farenheit and Celcius but nothing else.