Secure Score

We are consistently asked about security. Here is a nice built in utility Microsoft is now rebranding to ‘Microsoft Secure Score’ from ‘Office 365 Secure Score’.

Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. Think of it as a credit score for security.

Secure score now has a score for your Windows devices and leverages signals from Microsoft Intune to help generate your score. It also will track industry average, so you can benchmark against other organizations in your same industry regardless of size.

How can I get Secure Score? Anyone with Enterprise level or Business Premium Office 365 licenses! You must also have the admin role assigned.

Where do I find it? — You will need to login with your ID.

Let’s take a closer look. You are first presented with your total score.

As part of the dashboard you will find a few total breakdowns. Account / Data / Device and comparison with other companies.
As a summary Secure Score provides the items that produced the score.
Scores are great but what can you do about it? This is where this application shines. You can set target score thresholds and view the actions you need to take to raise your score.
Expanding on the ‘Enable MFA’ option — Multi factor authentication — the flyout menu provides all the details about this security practice. In this case by enabling MFA for all users your score will increase by 30 points!

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