Consider the following scenario:

You’ve been running around all day and you have been at meeting after meeting. You have needed to email a project to your marketing team as well as another project to your design team. You have just left your 3rd meeting of the day. You get a call from a team member advising you that you forgot to add an important file in the last email you sent them before leaving the office this morning. You’re about an hour from the office now and have no access to that file from your mobile device. There must be a better way!!!

Well you have Microsoft Office 365 and you already have all your files uploaded to OneDrive. Now let’s look at Microsoft Teams. You have a one stop shop to share anything and everything with your team.

Business today is all done on the go. The days of being at your desk from 9-5 are long gone. With the power of our smartphones, our laptops and our tablets we don’t have to be at the office to get work done.

Let’s open Office 365 right now and create our team. From the main SharePoint site in Office 365 click ‘Create a site’ and choose the ‘Team Site’ option.

Give your new team a ‘Site Name’ and a friendly description. SharePoint will provision your site in the background.

There are several ways to access a Team Site.
Using the Office 365 ‘waffle’ menu the ‘Teams’ tile opens a web interface.

On a PC there is a desktop app available. The desktop version has a little better performance and for the time being allows for desktop sharing / enhanced collaboration. If this is your first time running teams you will find the ‘Download’ button for the desktop version right at the top of the web Team experience.

Additionally, the mobile device of choice (Android or IOS) will have a ‘Teams’ app available for download. The mobile device will provide nearly the same experience as the web version at this time.

You have your entire marketing team setup, you have the app on your mobile device as well as OneDrive. Now, let’s open Teams from your phone and schedule a meeting right there in the app.

The meeting is set and you have added the team member you needed to meet.

To be prepared you upload the files you needed to discuss in the meeting through the “Files” tab. Files uploaded are stored in SharePoint.

In the chat you have let them know what you want to accomplish in this meeting and they can prepare before you arrive.

It’s a couple hours later and you get back to the office and they are ready to meet. Not only are they ready to meet you but by sending the files needed for this meeting through teams this meeting has been far more productive with getting ahead of the game using Teams.

When would you want to create a Team versus creating a SharePoint site? The short answer to this we feel is usually based on projects. Use a team site for a project style collaboration effort but use a SharePoint site when you have longer static site needs such as a Human Resources site. Teams at this point look to be a finite type of location. Thinking in terms of a team project hopefully at some point those projects have a completion time. SharePoint sites like a Human Resources really should never have an end date. There are other reasons pro and cons to both solutions but this is a quick guidline for many organizations.

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